Aubry Lab Population Ecology in a Changing World

Quantitative Ecology

Submitted (*equal contribution or advisory role)

  •   Falvo C., French S.S., Webb A., and L.M. Aubry*. The cost of immunity in the wild: elevation shapes distinct life history trade-offs in a sub-alpine hibernator (Submitted, Oecologia)

  • Mullins M., and L.M. Aubry*. Impacts of Road Closure, Climate, and Vegetation Change on Elk demography (Under review, Western North American Naturalist)

  • J.D., Reynolds-Hogland M., Koons D.N., Carr P., and L.M. Aubry*. The doughnut effect: black bear behavioral responses to fear in a wildland-urban interface in the Mid-Atlantic United States (Under review, Biological Conservation)

In preparation

  • Aubry L.M., Iles D., Gimenez O., Choquet R., Rockwell R., and D.N. Koons. The curious disappearance of cohort effects: robustness to natal habitat degradation in an over-abundant species. 

  • Jenouvrier S., Aubry L.M., Barbraud C., Weimerskirch H. and H. Caswell. Deterministic and stochastic differences across individuals are tempered by environmental conditions in an Antarctic seabird

  • Aubry L.M., Choquet R., Gimenez O., Rockwell R. and D.N. Koons. Long-term consequences of early-life environmental conditions in lesser snow geese. 

  • Cam E., Authier M., Aubry L.M., Jaffré M., Sallé L., Monnat J.-Y., Link W.A., Pradel R., and O. Gimenez. Age, experience, clutch size and demographic heterogeneity in female kittiwakes: effects and effect sizes revisited. 

(*equal contribution / advisory role


  • Jenouvrier S., Aubry L.M., Barbraud C., Weimerskirch H. and H. Caswell. Unobserved heterogeneity in vital rates creates a diversity of life histories in an Antarctic seabird population (Accepted, Journal of Animal Ecology)

  • Authier M., Aubry L.M., and E. Cam.  Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Model Misspecification Undermines Tests of The Neutral Theory for Life Histories (Accepted, Ecology and Evolution).


  • Cam E., Aubry L.M.*, and M. Authier (2016). The Conundrum of heterogeneity in life histories. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 31(11): 872–886

  • Raithel J.D, Reynolds-Hogland M., Koons D.N., Carr P. and L.M. Aubry* (2016). Recreational harvest and incident-response protocols reduce human-carnivore conflicts in an anthropogenic landscape. Journal of Applied Ecology. doi:10.1111/1365-2664.12830.

  • Wolfe M., Gese E., Stoner D., Terletzky P., and L.M. Aubry* (2016). Evaluation of Harvest Indices for Cougar Management in Utah. Journal of Wildlife Management, 80(1): 27-36. 


  • Wolfe M., Koons D.N., Stoner D., Terletzky P., Gese E., Choate D. and L.M. Aubry* (2015). Is Anthropogenic Mortality Additive to Natural Mortality in Cougar? Learning from Longitudinal Studies of Heavily and Lightly Harvested Populations. Biological Conservation, 182: 187-196.


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  • Aubry L.M., Rockwell R.F., Cooch E.G., Brook R., Mulder C., and D.N. Koons (2013). Climate change, phenology and habitat degradation: drivers of gosling body condition and juvenile survival in lesser snow geese. Global Change Biology, 19(1): 149-160

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Thesis & Dissertation

  • Aubry L.M. (2009). Influence of recruitment decisions and reproductive investment on the age-specific demography of a long-lived seabird: Implications for senescence. PhD Dissertation, collaboration: MPIDR, Rostock, Germany / UPS, Toulouse, France

  • Aubry L.M. (2005) Spatial structure of the Roe deer’s dietary quality (Capreolus capreolus) in a fragmented landscape; Master Thesis, UPS, Toulouse, France