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M.S. Graduate Assistantship at Utah State University: Climate Change Ecology in a Hibernator

Posted on June 25, 2015 at 12:50 AM

The goals of this research project based in Logan Canyon, Utah are to 1) measure climate-driven variability in the phenology and demography of a hibernating species over a 50-year period; 2) understand the ecological and physiological processes that mediate this variability and associated fitness consequences; 3) predict ecosystem responses to changes in small mammal abundance in light of climate change. Research will be supported by both historical (1960s-70s) and contemporary data collection (2013-present) on the ecology, phenology, and demography of the Uinta ground squirrel, an alpine species endemic to the Western US. For additional information contact Dr. Lise Aubry, Email: [email protected]

picture credit: Carsten Meier

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