Population Ecology


I am a research assistant professor at Utah State University (Wildland Resources, College of Natural Resources) also affiliated with the Ecology Center. In my lab, we address basic research questions that pertain to the evolution of life histories, but also applied questions that address issues of persistence or over-abundance of wild populations in light of environmental change (e.g. climate change, habitat fragmentation). Our research interests lay at the intersection of a variety of fields such as ecology, demography, population ecology, evolution, conservation and wildlife management. Current research projects conducted in our lab include (but are not limited to):

  • Quantifying the impact of environmental factors (e.g. climate change, habitat fragmentation) on the ecology, demography, and microevolution of wild species.
  • Linking behavior, demography, and population dynamics to predict and limit human-wildlife conflicts.
  • Quantifying the impact of harvest on game species in an effort to guide management.